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Few days break

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I will still be writing up the rest of my AYC notes but I am taking a break for a few days to concentrate more on an upcoming sermon. thanks for your patience.



AYC 2010 “GO” Part:5

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Matt Parra – “You do not know what you ask”

Matt delivered two messages at AYC, both of which cut me deeply, I had never heard him preach before, but I will surely be hearing him again.

The text the sermon is based on is one I have never really paid that much attention to, but just like many other places in scripture, the parts you gloss over are usually the parts that are particularly relevant and powerful.

He started by asking for a show of hands, who would like to be in glory, having the power of God in their life? Continue reading

AYC 2010 “GO” Part:4

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Dwight Nelson 4 – Nantucket Humane Society

This was the last of Pastor Dwight’s messages, and he took the opportunity to first share a story with us about the Nantucket Humane Society, which was basically a community coastwatch who would watch for a sinking ship then go out to retrieve as many survivors as possible, as a matter of fact they had a motto which was “You have to go out but you don’t have to come back” quite a noble and selfless concept to say the least.

Eventually however, a professional coastwatch took over from them, the peculiar thing was Continue reading

AYC 2010 “GO” Part:3

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Dwight Nelson 3 – Young Adults;

In Acts 20:7-12 we see the story of Eutychus, who, while listening to Paul, one of the greatest preachers of all time, eventually nodded off, the main problem here though, was not that he was asleep, but that our friend Eutychus was sitting in the 3rd story window, when he finally lost his battle to stay awake, and tumbled out the window to the ground below. Continue reading

AYC 2010 “GO” Part:2

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Dwight Nelson 2 – Prayer

After his first message, there was am amazing passionate time of prayer, which set the mood for the whole conference, unifying us, making us of one accord, so you can imagine, the next time Pastor Dwight took to the pulpit we were indeed paying attention.

Picking up where he left off in Acts it was declared that the secret of the amazing success of the early church in the book of acts was quite simply the undervalued activity of prayer. Continue reading

AYC 2010 “GO” Part:1

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A year ago, I returned home from AYC desperately wanting to share what had been one of the greatest experiences of my life, I told everyone who would listen but it was so big I could not seem to write on my blog about it, as a matter of fact, I started many times, but every time, I chased too many thoughts and achieved nothing, so, this year, rather than trying to capture the experience to share (as I believe this is simply more than mere words can describe) it is my intention to distill my spiritual plan of action for you. This is as much for me as it is for you, I have many notes, etchings, data files and scrawlings which need to find some sort of cohesion in this post (and the proceeding posts), so I am quite excited about it myself.

It is my intention to categorize by speaker, this first post will be based on the first message of Pr Dwight Nelson. Continue reading