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NSW Part 3

Posted in Family, Life, Travel with tags , , , on April 10, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

This is a speedy message before my battery runs dry…

I have made it as far as sccone on the trek home, and will hopefully be there tomorrow night…

Since my last post i have been to see my uncle Dick, which was great, he is 93 my still has spark to him, then over to two of the finest Christian people I have the pleasure of knowing… Naomi and Colin, they are some very dear south african friends of ours.

We then continued the whirlwind tour as far as our friends Tess, Robert and their boys (both of which are slightly older than me) these people are more my Family than just about any of my real rellies… there is more story and less battery so i will finish this off with pics when i get home.



NSW Trip Part2

Posted in Family, Life, Travel on April 8, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

Ok, found a convenient WiFi connection…

UPDATE: Went to the wedding in Gosford which was pretty nice… it was great to catch up with the guys, we have not met since i was about 14, so it was interesting to see how they all turned out.

After that, on Monday morning we traveled down to Blacktown to my Aunty then to my other Aunty and Uncles place out near Penrith where most of my Dad’s family congregated, we had a bit of a BBQ an a laugh.

Now we are off to see a couple of older family members on my mums side of the family before doing the dash to our next stop, which is about 90mins south.

so i had best be off… i am running out of time and after all, as Douglas Adams said… “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

Later peoples…


NSW Trip

Posted in Events, Family, Life, Travel with tags , , , on April 4, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

As some of you know my family and i am off to a friend’s wedding in NSW, today we have made it as far as Yamba and will arrive in Gosford tomorrow. while looking for somewhere to stay in Yamba, i spotted the wonderful words “Free WiFi” on the fence of a motel, and that was enough for me! just grabbed a Yamba pic for you all to look upon…

yamba pic

I will try to regularly post while I am away, but I have no idea where I will find access. so stay tuned…