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Onward Christian Soldier

Posted in gospel with tags , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Luke Farrugia

Onward Christian soldiers is a hymn which has stirred many a soul and it is no surprise because in scripture, there are often parallels drawn between war and the Christian experience, and that is understandable, what we are engaged in is spiritual warfare, we take orders from our commander, suffer losses, win victories and only by the grace of God persistently soldier on. This was certainly the experience of the apostle Paul… Continue reading


Spirit-Lead Humility

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This Sabbath Just passed, I preached at my home church and God taught me a lesson in the process, so I thought I would share it…

In the lead up to this sermon, there was much study and prayer (certainly more than my previous sermons) in the past I have preached well and I have preached not-so-well, so this time I was determined to glorify God by diligent study and transmission of the word, as a matter of fact, having been thoroughly prepared, I practiced it all the way up to the Friday afternoon when I stood in my room and preached my heart out. I was satisfied that it was a convincing delivery which I could replicate in the morning.

All the way through the process I was praying that Continue reading