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Posted in Life with tags , , , on January 31, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

It is something most of us claim we don’t do enough of, or we try to reason out way out of, as irritating as it is to spend precious minutes of your time doing something seemingly pointless and in some cases repetitive, the benefits are there they just take some time to surface.

I have undergone many attempts at various activities, the first of which was Karate,which I started at about 5 years of age, after a decade of that I had achieved blackbelt and due to some unfortunate circumstances I chose to leave the dojo, at that point I had a reasonable break from all things sport, and stacked on many extra kilos.

After moving to QLD, I became mates with a neighbor by the name of Matty, as coincidence would have it, Matty is an avid (and exceptionally good) soccer player, although under protest at first, his enthusiasm rubbed off and I started to play, i never joined a team but still managed to play for at least a few hours against someone, somewhere each week (this is when I busted myself from about 114kg to my current 95kg).

Since then, I tried to pick up swimming, jogging etc, but none of it really captured my attention until i saw a video of Parkour immediately I knew this was not a mere “Sport” it was a discipline with elegance and finesse, I began to read up on it, watched many videos, and started training, I fast learned not to run before I could walk as I had an altercation with a wall, i hit my shin so hard i tore the muscle on both sides of my ankle, and my foot went black with bruising etc, now, i know that was not good, my mistake there was training tired, I was not doing anything stupid, I was just doing it far too long.

After this, I was not able to run for about 11 weeks, which was frustrating to say the least, I was effectively back to square one which is where I have started, doing it by the book, in the footsteps of David Belle and Sébastien Foucan, training properly, not rushing things, focusing on the finer points (precision/rolls/landings) taking every logical precaution. If you want to know what it looks like when done correctly…

I plan to practice Parkour and freerunning for many years, to help with that, I am planning to go back to Karate this year as well, to build up my core strength and stamina.

Do yourself a favour, whatever your passion is get into it, exercise not only gets you fit, it releases endorphins into your body to make you happier, especially if your occupation is not a particularly active one, get into it, you will sleep better because you have earned the right to be tired, have a great week.



My Path To Belief

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , on January 24, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

Well from the very outset, my life has had some events and occurances which serve to bolster my Christian beliefs, but that is a blog for another day, in this blog, I hope to share my personal reasons for belief rather than the reasons of others bestowed upon me.

I was what I would call an hereditary Christian until my early teens when my very wise parents advised me to look for myself, i did a fair bit of research of eastern and western religions, I could not dismiss religion altogether, as there is just TOO much evidence in the world around me attesting to Intelligent and masterful design (again i will discuss my feelings on evolution vs. creation in another post too) but which one was telling the truth?

When you break the world religions down they are based on a few standard things, however Christianity is the only one i could see which was about helping others in a genuine way, all the others are self focussed even the others…. which promote goodness and helping others…. the motivation is different, it is based on your works.

Having established Christianity as the Basis of my belief, what about all the flavours of it? Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran and the myriad of others, well, then you have to perform some analysis on their doctrines, being Christian i accept the Bible as the inspired word of God (Why I believe it is accurate and inspired etc is also for another post {man, i did not realise this post would give me so much extra to say}) therefore the next logical step is to compare the religions to the Bible.

Wether you are Christian or not, the basics outlined in the 10 commandments are still the conerstone of our current system (thou shalt not steal/kill etc), if you hold churches up against them, you quickly see the holes in their doctrine where the Bible’s teachings have not been convenient for the forefathers, really the only church I could really see which complied with all 10 and agreed with the prophesies stated in the Bible was the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Now, before you get all excited, i know the people of the church have not been the most warm, welcoming or popular around, but that is the mistake so many people make, they look at the people when they should be looking at God. The main calling card of Adventism is the 4th commandment, “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” (this goes on for several lines defining the sabbath)(Sabbath meaning Saturday), that takes care of the “Seventh Day” part, and the “Adventist” part is all about looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ and him taking the faithful home with him.

These days I still attend the Seventh Day Adventist church and am an active member of the AV team etc, and even though it is not perfect, God will see that it does his will.

Thanks for reading.


Nice Morning

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Good afternoon all.

This post is reasonably superfluous but still I enjoyed myself so I am posting about it… thismorning I got up early to go down to the esplanade (ie: I was gone by 7am) it is a beautiful spot down there, well actually it is full of beautiful spots as there is about 15km’s of esplanade, anyway I went down there took my training hooves, Bible and i was set, really enjoyed myself.(see pic below)

Threw myself at a few railings practicing my current sport of choice, Parkour/Freerunning (i will tell you the difference one day) it is one of the better places available to me for training, nice evenly spaced rails for combo’s to practice “Flow” etc. When I started to make mistakes (ie: tired) I retired to a park bench for some Bible study with a view of the water, then I returned home, so I am sore etc but feeling really content.

Wherever you are, make a point of enjoying your surroundings, I used to get so busy, even though i live less than 2 minutes Drive from the beach I wouldn’t go for months on end just because i couldn’t be bothered or I was too busy, now I am making time for it and enjoying the benefits.

Get out of your seat and enjoy the world around you.



Heath Ledger-Dead.

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Well, i think it is safe to say we were all shocked to see the headline today, “Heath Ledger-Dead” it brings the chickens home to roost, so-to-speak, doesn’t it… Regardless of his fame he was still just like the rest of us. I must say, it gave me that pang of uneasiness, I was a fan, not like I am part of a screaming mob but I did really appreciate most of his movies (particularly a Knight’s Tale).

Death is one of the most common things around yet we still never seem to get used to it, it makes one wonder if there is any grudge worth carrying, you never know when your eternity will begin, you could be hit by a bus, you just dont know, that is why we should always have our lives in order, make peace wherever possible, whether Heath’s death was an accident or suicide we don’t know, but my point remains the same.

My thoughts and prayers will be with his family tonight.

heath ledger


First Post

Posted in Announcement on January 16, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

Evening all;

This is my first post… I started this blog to share the things in my life I feel others may benefit from, or at least be interested in, take note the beliefs and opinions that i discuss are not meant to be inflammatory nor am I trying to pick any fights, I hope you find this an interesting journey and I look forward to your feedback, who knows, maybe i can shed a little light for you too.