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Wake up and smell the aromatic metaphoric substance

Posted in Events, Family, Life with tags , , , , on February 12, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

Those of you who are accustomed to my OCD net-trawling habits may have noticed my recent light usage and complete absence on Sunday/Monday, well, this was not without cause, the recent light usage is due to Tafe prioritization, however, that pales in comparison to my Sunday afternoon.

My family and I attended the first church social event of the year, which was a picnic by the beach, we had a great time, (well in all fairness, I did Break my toe during the games but these things happen) Anyway, we finished running around and sat to have a feed, my Dad was not feeling fantastic and declined the food (really rare) while the co-ordinator was thanking the people for coming, I glanced across at Dad only to see him very pale, covered in sweat and visibly shaking, we swarmed to him just as he passed out, laid him down and called an ambulance.

While we were waiting for them to arrive, a good friend called the 20+ picnic attendees to prayer for Dad, (it was at this point he became more lucid and began talking to us there was definately a peaceful air about it) The Ambulance arrived in less than 10 minutes, the Paramedics were brilliant and efficient, Mum went with him in the Ambulance and I ran (make that hobbled) to get the Car.
When we arrived at the hospital he was of course taken straight in, only one person was allowed with him for a couple of hours, so I waited with the few good friends who tailed the ambulance from the picnic, then I was allowed in at about 8:30pm, we then had to wait 6 hours before they could do the last of the tests which came back negative so they let him go,to be treated as an out-patient.

He has been taking it easy since then (which is in itself a rarity) fielding the many well-wishes and concerned calls etc, he has quite a few tests to go back for over the next few weeks but we are still not sure exactly what it was.

Whatever the cause, it is not every day you are placed into such a situation and as such provokes much thought, I know I encouraged you all to take a close look at your life when Heath Ledger died, allow me to refresh that thought in your mind, think of one of the most important people in your life, what if he/she cashed it in right now? what would matter? would that grudge you are holding mean much? would the moron who cut you off in traffic thismorning deserve so much of your attention? how about the silent treatment you might me dishing someone?

Think carefully about all aspects of your life, audit yourself, your eternity could begin in a second, be it, heart attack/rogue bus etc, life is too short to have “loose ends” REAL treasure is found only in Peace and relationships, and by peace I mean that true inner peace, and by relationships I mean of course friends, family and in my case of course the Big Man upstairs.

Not much counts after you move into the pine condo, find what does and amass those kind of riches.



Walk the walk

Posted in Adventist, Life with tags , , , , on February 4, 2008 by Luke Farrugia

Well I have just returned from my flash visit to Brisvegas, My parents and I went down to visit an old and dear friend who has cancer, Pastor Larry Laredo (also know to many as “Leaping Larry” thanks to his endless enthusiasm) whom we have not seen since 2000.

We arrived in burleigh heads late friday night, and went to his church on Saturday morning, as one would expect, the severe cancer treatments he has undergone have left him pale and far too thin, but unlike many who suffer these diseases he refuses to give up, even though he is retired now, he still makes the occasional announcement and leads out in song during worship when he is well enough.

Infact he even maintains his sense of humor, when he stood up the front with the 3 young girls who were singing, to announce the next song, he then announced that I was there from Hervey bay, got me to stand up and wave to the church from where I was situated, he then proceeded to tell the girls on stage I was smart, single etc, it did have that auction-esque feeling but everyone had a laugh, so it was all good.

That afternoon we went to Larry and Ruby’s house, it is very sobering to talk to a man who is looking down the barrel of the world’s longest blink, especially a man who has been so many places and done so much good. It forces your to evaluate the most important things in your life and for that I am grateful.

Larry’s attitude is so good, as far as he is concerned he is immortal until his work for God is complete, he does not seem to suffer fear, he is quiet, confident and ruled by logic, when the essence of who we are is threatened by death in any form, we are forced to prioritize, all of a sudden all the money in the world wont save you, or make you happy, even many of the things you once counted essentials are now merely wisps of time you have already spent and can’t get a refund on.

Larry’s life has been reduced to the essentials, he and his wife shop once a week, he goes to church on Sabbath and prayer meeting sometime midweek. the rest of the time when he is not relaxing he is Studying his Bible or praying, that is the source from which he is drawing peace.

I know this case is a classic example of a question people have been asking for centuries… “Why do bad things happen to Good people” well, allow me to voice my belief and the word of the Bible, this world belongs (leased is probably more accurate)to satan.

When man disobeyed God in the garden of eden, Adam, Eve and their subsequent offspring were afflicted by sin,that is why bad things happen to good people, we are still under the curse chosen all those years ago, it was at that moment of disobedience we were placed, actually, make that, we chose to appoint a new master that is why Jesus chose to die on the cross, to provide an escape route, we are sinful by nature being a “Good person” is not enough, you need Jesus.

Thank God that even in the most dire of circumstances he can use the evil that happens to us as tool to further his work, what they say about all clouds having a silver lining is very true as long as you want it to be.

Now, I understand there will be non-Christians reading this, but even if you do not believe there is a heaven to go to, wouldn’t you prefer a life with peace and purpose? in Christianity, many people “Talk the talk”, but there is only an embarrassingly small group I have had the pleasure of meeting who do indeed “Walk the walk”, and Larry is one of those people.

This is his last treatment, he will be in hospital for about the next 2 months, let us just pray it is enough to cure him.

I hope this post reached someone who needed to hear it.