Steve Jobs:Dead

Steve Jobs was possibly one of, if not the most significant person to ever walk into the technology industry, and as I am sure most of you are aware, he died today.

In his wake he leaves a battery of world-changing products like the iPod the iPhone, the many iterations of the Mac, the iPad, even Pixar studios, and the list goes on. I have watched the life of Steve Jobs with great interest, some of his qualities I have found admirable while others questionable. Love him or hate him, he changed the world, and I believe he had two vital qualities that enabled him to do this.

Vision and Passion.

In a world of people with their eyes closed, bathing in an ocean of selfish apathy, Steve broke the trend and dreamed big. Not only did he dream big, he had the passion to bring it into reality, he was not prepared to stop for anything or anyone. These two qualities turned him into a tremendously powerful and influential man.

He understood something about life that many people do not grasp, and he stated it at a Stanford University graduation ceremony;

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

As a Christian I sometimes wonder what that kind of vision and determination would lead to if properly understood by those with the Gospel as the focus of their life? Would the world be carrying their Bibles around and paying them as much attention as they do an iPhone?  Would there be global revival and would we see the Latter rain fall?

If what we profess to believe really is true, we can afford to dream big, because God is there to enable and guide us.

The Church needs more people like Steve Jobs, people who will move forward with Vision and Passion.

The question is… why can’t that be you and I?

2 Responses to “Steve Jobs:Dead”

  1. Here is a point worth noting.. What are we doing each day that has eternal significance? Or.. Are we carelessly accepting the lul of the world and slipping in to a deep sleep of apathy. Steve Jobs is indeed dead. Whatever decisions he has made, that made him who he was, now rest in the grave with him. If he chose not to surrender his life to Jesus… All his efforts avail nothing. Money can’t save you…. Obviously! So what can? We best find out and act on it… Or each one of us …… Will be just like him. Here is a Wise quote from a headstone… ‘Consider me now, as ye walk by. As you are now, so once was I . As I am now, you soon shall be. So prepare yourself, for eternity.!’
    Know God.. Know life. No God. No life !!!
    Let’s work together… I am preparing for rain.

  2. Love this piece. Parallels you made with the church are apt for where we are as a whole

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