iPad 2 – The purchase

Just a short post to tell you something you may have expexted…

After much anticipation, the iPad2 was released into the Australian wild minutes ago, as I do not have an apple store near me, I chose to online ordering method, reserving my iPod 16 hours ahead of those who are as we speak, lining up out front of apple stores all over the continent… the only catch… and it is a sizable one… I now discover the shipping time estimate is 2-3 weeks… oh well, all I can do is hope they overestimated their lead time.

For those interested in what flavour I secured, I ordered the;

  • White (this was a last minute change of mind, but there is something just so ‘right’ about a white apple product 😉 )
  • 16gig of storage, (not much I know, but considering the type of device, I really don’t think storage will be a big concern)
  • 3G i forked out the extra for 3G as I really do not want to be tethered to wifi, particularly if I am away, or with a client.

Finally, I chose the orange Polyurethane cover, for those who know me… even if you are simply looking at this page, you will know or notice that I have a particular affinity for this hazardous colour and it will fit in with several other elements of my life.

Here is apple’s idea of what it will look like when I open that V.I.B. (very important box)

2 Responses to “iPad 2 – The purchase”

  1. Jealous. Good buy, man.

  2. Nice… look forward to your thoughts on the device. Not quite sold on the iPad for the price, but it is getting more and more tempting. If I didn’t already have my MBP I would probably get one for home use, considering it is typically just web and email anyway (though lack of flash could be painful there).

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