Just evaluating the usage of my time… and wondering if i should Blog more regularly, So i though i should put it to my faithful, and not-so-faithful readers, should  I prolong my time as a denizen of the blogosphere or should i just leave it be… forget about blogging and take up something more life changing… like whittling… or playing the spoons please don’t be scared, comment away!

NB: I reserve the right to totally disregard your advice and blog anyway… or not 😉


3 Responses to “COMMENT”

  1. Well, you could also practice ur football (soccer for all the n00bs) so that u can try and beat me……or u could learn how to do ballet or something….or i spose if u wanted to try and beat me at Conti, but not Age of Empires cos u can already do that (GO THE PERSIANS – GO THE ELEPHANTS)…but yeah, i spose bloggin is cool if its worth a read!!


  2. just ignore the persian rug…

  3. Josephine Says:

    Please continue your blogging, I love your writing and I would love to read more.

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